Durante algos años fui titiritero de los programas XETU y el Tesoro del Saber. For several years I was a puppetteer at the TV shows XETU and el Tesoro del Saber

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The best puppet related mailing list is pupcrit, to subscribe, send a e mail to majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu and write in the body of the message:

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Libros, Books:


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El teatro de Títeres en la Educación
  • Hugo Cerda G., Enrique Cerda G.
El Taller de los Títeres
  • Colección Cántaro
Amazingly Easy Puppet Plays: 42 New Scripts for One-Person Puppetry
  • Dee Anderson
Puppet Programs #1: 12 Plays Utilizing Well-Known Puppets
  • Vann Trapp
The Usborne Book Of Puppets,
  • Haines, Ken (Illustrator:Gower, Teri Joint Author:Harvey, Gill)
The Complete Book of Puppetry
  • George Latshaw
Diecting the Puppet Theater
  • Carol Fijan
Language of the Puppet
  • Laurence R. Kominz
Puppets And Puppet Theatre
  • Currell, David
Introduction To Puppets And Puppet Making
  • Currell, David
Hand Puppets; How To Make And Use Them
  • Ross, Laura


Making Puppets Come Alive; How To Learn And Teach Hand Puppetry
  • Engler, Larry (With:Fijan, Carol)


The Foam Book : An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets
  • Drew Allison, Donal Devet
Puppets: Methods and Materials
  • Cedric Flower, Alan Fortney


Puppets (World Crafts)
  • Meryl Doney


Marionettes: How to Make and Work Them
  • Helen Fling, Charles Forbell


Marinettes & String Puppets
  • Daniel E. Hodges


The Most Excellent Book Of How To Be A Puppeteer
  • Lade, Roger (Illustrator:Shone, Rob)


Perky Puppets With A Purpose; A Complete Guide To Puppetry And Ventriloquism In Christian Ministry
  • Pearson, Mary Rose


Puppet Director's Notebook
  • Dale VonnSegen, Jim Scott
Playwriting for the Puppet Theatre
  • Jean M. Matson
Pinocchio's Progeny : Puppets, Marionettes, Automatons...
  • Harold B. Segal
A History of European Puppetry : From its Origin to the End of the 19th Century
  • Henrik Jurkowsky, Penny Francis
Popular Puppet Theatre in Europe
  • John McCormich, Bennie Pratasik
The Prop Builder's Molding And Casting Handbook
  • Thurston, James


The Simple Screamer: A Guide To The Art Of Papier and Cloth Maché
  • Reeder, Dan


The Plaster Mold Casting Handbook


Let There Be... Blacklight
  • Dave Privett, Todd Lebenow
Puppet Costumes!
  • Christy Graunke
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