Horology and Clockmaking

Si te interesa el funcionamiento de los relojes ( o los relojes) te pueden interesar estas ligas:

If you are interested in the working of clocks and watches (or clocks and watches themselves), this links are for you:

Woodworking Clock Plans Arma un reloj de madera, Build a wooden clock

Wrebbit , Wrebbit 2 Arma dos relojes de cartón, Build two all-paper clocks

OROLOGI ON LINE Busca tu reloj favorito. Find your favorite watch model.

Old Watches & Clocks

Finer Times Vintage Wrist Watches

Clock parts supplies mechanisms

Clocks and Time: Horology site for books, magazines, organizations, museums, PC synchronization software, time standards.

How to Build an Early Medieval Clock

Mike's Clock Clinic's Weird Clocks Page Links

Horology -The Index (Repair and Restoration of Clocks, Firms with an Internet prescence)

AWI's Horological Times

Europa Star

Delta 16\: Speed Scroll Saw

Libros: Books:

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Easy Clocks; Full-Size Designs, Ready to Cut,
  • John A Nelson
Making Wooden Mechanical Models : 15 Designs with Visible Wheels, Cranks, Pistons, Cogs and Cams
  • Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater
My Own Right Time, An Exploration of Clockwork Design,
  • Phillip Woodward
Clock Repairers Handbook,
  • Laurie Penman
The Clock Repair Primer : The Beginners Handbook
  • Philip E. Balcomb
Watch And Clock Making And Repairing : Dealing With The Construction And Repair Of Watches, Clocks And Chronometers,
  • Gazeley, William John
Clock and Watch Escapements
  • Gazeley, William John
Watch And Clock Making,
  • Glasgow, David
Clockmaking for the Home Shop Machinist,
  • Thorne, W
The Classic Watch; Horology, The Art And Science Of Making Timepieces, Is Herein Celebrated With Lavish Photography And,
  • Balfour, Michael
Longitude; The True Story Of A Lone Genius Who Solved The Greatest Scientific Problem Of His Time, Dava Sobel
How to Build a Regulator Clock , J.M. Huckabee
Clock Works
  • Juliet Bawden
Watch Repairing As a Hobby
  • D.W. Fletcher
Black Forest Clockmaker and the Cuckoo.
  • Karl Kochmann

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